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     Hi!  My real name is Jason Stoll and I'm origanlly from Menasha, Wisconsin (its by Appleton).  I'm 21 and currently attending/living at UW - Steven's Point where I'm a Junior majoring in Theatre/performance with a Communications minor (my major has changed twice from Biology, to Biology and Theatre double major, and now to Theatre w/ comm).  I'm interested in a lot of different things which, hopefully, at sometime will be incorporated into this site.  Just a few of my interests include computers (games, internet, problem solving), reading fantasy (especially Dragonlance) and philosophy books, Skiing (snow and water), barefooting, wakeboarding, soccer, swimming, D&D, music(Phish, Dave, Zeppelin, other classic rockers), playing guitar...and the lists goes on and on.  If your into any of these and want to write me, feel free.  I'm always down for discussing stuff I like.  I'm also an environment and philosophy nut so if your interested in "educated discussions" again drop me a line.

     I'm living in my first off campus housing this year which has been an experience and a half.  I'm living in a house with seven other guys which makes it more of a mini-dorm.  We all have our own rooms which is a plus (even if Dan's room is a glorified closet),  and all the guys are great so it isn't that bad.  There's even a lot of bonuses: bills are cheaper when split eight ways,   there's almost always someone home to hang with, we have a kick ass entertainment system, and we have the only living room around with stadium seating (who says you can't loft a couch?).  Some of the guys are a little different though, well really just Filteau (Matt) who walks around the house in just his robe (for hours) and always seems to get gum stuck in his zipper.  We also have a 6'8" yetti in the house who makes it easy to decide who gets the high cupboards in the kitchen.  The best part about living off-campus for me is that I can have my cat with me.  His name is Pirvus Panthera (latin: Little Panther, Pan for short, or Pubes if your Filteau) and he's an all black farm cat (kitten - he's almost nine months old).  He's the sweetest and most rambunctious cat you'll ever meet and everybody loves him here (look for photos when the picture page gets running). 

     More about myself: My family is real cool and I love them all a lot (ah mushy mushy).  Both my parents live at home in Menasha.  My mom just got her masters degree (1999?) from UWSP in Evironmental Planning and has since become the director for a non-profit group called Fox-Wolf River Basin 2000.  My dad is a family dentist in Neenah which is cool since I get free dental care (great for college students) but I have to pay by getting ragged on for drinking sugared soda and not flossing enough. I have 3 siblings, all older. My brother, Brian (27), whose married to my now sister-in-law Stephanie who is really cool and definitely the perfect chick for him.  They both live in NC where my brother works as an aerospace engineer for the Air Force (not enlisted) and Steph works for a boat manufacturer as their public relations guru.  They are so far childless but have two dogs that keep their hands full.   The oldest of my sisters, Jenny (25), lives near Cleveland where she is studying at Ohio State to be a vet.  She has a three and a half year old son, Tyler, who is the cutest kid I've ever seen.  My other sister, Becky (23), just graduated from UW - Eau Claire with a degree in art/photography.  She's now working in Minneapolis doing digital photo-restoration.  She has a boyfriend, Bill, whose little wackie but otherwise he's a great guy.  And thats it for the fam.  I'm hoping to have pictures of everyone soon. (as soon as I get my scanner to work).


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